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Are You Leading … or Just Taking A Walk?

January 3, 2011

In a sermon today, the pastor said, “A leader with no followers is just someone taking a walk.”

Now, not all of us are leaders in the sense that we have a following.  But sometimes, I think as followers of Christ, our approach is that we may “follow” like He is just taking a walk.  So sad!

And … to be quite honest, as followers of Christ, we are also leaders … as we are commissioned to lead others to follow Him.  And therein lies the rub, and point of this post.

If someone were “following you to Christ” … would it be a straight and narrow path, or would it look more like one of those maze puzzles in the funny papers?  Shame on us if it is the latter because we have no one to blame except ourselves.

Throughout all the scriptures in the New Testament where Jesus was speaking and interacting with people — HE WAS LEADING THEM TO THE FATHER.  He pointed them in that direction, He went that way himself leading by example.  He urges us to do the same.

On the way to church this morning, I saw a church sign that read, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Can you see Christ in me at all.”

Sobering thought, huh? It was for me. Specifically because of the young man sitting in the car with me. It’s not always an easy or coopertive spirit that display with those closest to us.  Jack and I had a bit of heated discussion prior to leaving the house for church.  It’s very frustrating for me and him to have these “exchanges” — but I particularly hate it when it happens on Sunday morning.

Even as we were arguing I thought … “Come on, Carole … just let it go. This is no way to positively influence him or help him prepare for a morning of worship.”

When I got in the car, he was sullen and pouting because we had argued. I felt bad and so did he.  Then I saw that church sign.

Hearing that point in the sermon, led me to the conclusion that sometimes … with the most important person in my life … I’m just taking a walk.  I should be leading … but this little follower may not think I’m going anywhere that he wants to go.  That makes me sad — and I must do better … lead better at home.

I must also lead better in other relationships. God has a way of really bringing a point home … even nagging since I’m so hard headed.  Even on the way home, He would not let me forget His point.  I received a call from someone who wanted to share with me a perspective she gained from church.  As she shared her new-found wisdom regarding “maturity” … not being about age but attitude.  Again, I was convicted of my own immaturity in dealing with my son. Again … not leading — just taking a walk.

So, day two of 2011 —  MY WALK is in the forefront of my mind.  Walking is good exercise, but walking and going nowhere or just wandering around … is fruitless.  I must re-learn to walk with purpose, and influence others to follow (especially this precious and gifted young man that God has blessed my life with).

And, as mentioned in a previous blog … there is a time for everything and season for every activity under heaven … Right now … is the season for me to FOLLOW and LEAD LIKE JESUS … I can take a walk any ol’ time.

Father God, please forgive me for my shortcomings as a  follower of Your Son, Jesus. Forgive me Lord for my shortcomings as a mother, and an example for my son. Thank you for your gentle but stern reminders today of my first and most important priority on this Earth, and thank you for reminding me of my ministry as a mom, sister, friend … the Salt and Light you have called me to be.  I’m sorry for allowing my own immaturity to displace what I truly want others to see in me.

Thank you for GRACE and MERCY — help me to lead by example … exemplifying those very virtues in my life to others. OH HOW I LOVE YOU … and I want to WALK WITH YOU … FOLLOW YOU … LEAD OTHERS TO YOU.  Remind me every day if you must … so that I’m not just wandering around, wasting time and opportunity to be all that  you have called me to be.

In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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