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I’m Resigning from the Dysfunctional Familial Thesbian Guild

November 26, 2010

Well, here it is … the holiday season … once again.

By no means do I want to shout out a big “BAH HUMBUG!”   But, I must admit, it is a very stressful time. And I don’t want nor do I mean for it to be this way.

I blame it all on my membership in the Dysfunctional Familial Thesbian Guild  for the past … let’s see … 47 years.  (That’s my whole life)

The DFTG is an obviously non-profit organization, whose purpose is to propitiate pretense and strife amongst  immediate and extended blood-relatives.  It has many branches throughout the country and while there are various leadership positions within the organization, the Chief Executive Officer is Satan.  His vision and mission statement is to create as much havoc as possible, keep families polarized and distracted from their purpose.  This organization has been in existence since the beginning of time, and has been quite successful in reaching its goals and objectives.

Dysfunction is one of the core values of this group.  And while this dysfunction doesn’t wait until the holidays to show up, it  just seems to exacerbate the tension and stress about mid-November and lasts until about December 26.  What  a shame too. It’s like a train with no engineer or conductor. And if I, or anyone else, tries to pull the brake — well, that just creates even more dysfunction.  Evidently, the CEO convinces most members that the ride is more exciting in the midst of dysfunction.

Which brings me to the next core value — DECEIT.  While many units of this international organization go through the motions or pretense of acceptable family functions and interactions, this parody only tends to create an overwhelming sense of oppression and growing despite amongst the members.  This farce or “play” that the family is functional (and/or functionable) doesn’t last very long.  Those members who have a longing for truth, love, respect and honor come to realize that this performance is written for some “bizarro-world playhouse” and that unethical creative  liberties have been taken from the original Creator’s (or Writer’s) version of this story.

I have come to the conclusion that as much as I have tried to be an active and supportive member of the DFTG, my affiliation with them needs to cease.   While I have been a member of this particular unit for more than 47 years, I simply cannot adhere to the principles, vision and mission any longer.  The long range plan and strategy to further decimate not only the family unit, but also the individuals that make up this unit, is something that I just cannot go along with.

I have realized that if I stay engaged in the work of the DFTG, then I am further perpetuating the dysfunction, and overwhelming stress that is leading to destruction of the unit and its members. 

Therefore, effective today, I tender my resignation from the Dysfunctional Familial Thesbian Guild.  I will no longer be a party to interactions that are cloaked in gossip, character assignation, or speculation. I will not participate in functions that do not put  truth, honor and respect into practice. 

At this point in my life, and the life of my own family unit, it is necessary for me to take time to scourge the malfunction that has plagued and even disabled the ability to trust those whom we need to trust the most in order to be healthy, prospering individuals. 

I cannot say that my time served in the DFTG has been pleasant … for it has not.

It is my desire to recover from the injuries sustained in hopes that one day … ONE DAY … this unit can be reunited as part of the organization that originally established the familial guild.

Until then … BREAK A LEG!

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