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When Men (Good Men) Do Nothing

September 29, 2008

A few years ago, I had a terrible dream. Now for those of you who know me, you know that I pay close attention to certain dreams. In fact, for all my life, I can recount how God has spoken to me through dreams. (not all dreams, but there have been many occasions when God wanted to get me to pay close attention … and I guess when I was asleep was an opportune time when HE could get in my head and work best).

In any event, I had a dream a few years ago … and one that I believe was a message straight from God. It was vivid … He had my attention … and He meant business in no uncertain terms.

I was lying in a hospital bed. I was sick, but it was not a physical illness (though I had physical symptoms from the illness). It was not an emotional illness, though my emotions were tied to the sickness. It was a spiritual sickness … my soul was ailing to the point that I was physically and emotionally ill.

My pastor came to visit me in the hospital. There was a couch placed very near my bed and my pastor sat on the end of the couch nearest to my bed. The other end of the couch was filled with what I could only describe at that time as “varmints.” But now, I’d call them demons. Oh they were ugly, frightening little creatures. I could see them but my pastor could not. They were mocking him, and laughing with this ridiculous, sickening and even tormenting laugh.

I said to him, “Pastor, don’t you see them? “

They would come so close to him … like little invaders … again, mocking, laughing, TORMENTING! I begged him to see … and he wouldn’t see. He would not even turn his head to look. The mockery from these demons became so unbearable to me that I began to cry … grievously … to the point that my heart just couldn’t take it anymore. And they laughed at me … powerless, weak, beaten, defeated.

This dream was so vivid. I am certain God was using it as alert to the warfare, demonic attack and evil manifestations that were on the horizon for the Church. And I took it to mean specifically, my church. For two years, my heart continued to ache and break … and I became more and more emotionally distraught and “soulfully” sick. I begged God for an out because it was more than I could bear to know and see … and “do nothing about.”

I began to blame myself. I thought it was only me that recognized the presence and infiltration of these demonic forces. I could not really put my finger on it … as something tangible. I could not even really describe what I knew to be happening all around me … it really had no name … until one day, “the demon was called out.” Her name … Jezebel!

The name was literally mentioned in a conversation and immediately God spoke to me, “Pay ATTENTION!” I knew nothing of Jezebel … except that she was a harlot. But as quickly as I could I got out of the meeting I was in …. And could not get back to my office fast enough to research Jezebel.

I was blown away. It was definitely the “spirit of Jezebel” that was waging full blown warfare. As I read about her tactics and ploys and the way she uses people … I was frightened and I wanted no part of this whore demon.

I called a counselor/teacher/preacher friend and I asked him, “How do I get rid of, or cast out, the spirit of Jezebel from me … from my church?”

He said, “The only way for you be shed of the spirit of Jezebel is to repent. Repent of the influence you have allowed her to have on your life … and draw close to God.”

“As for the church … that has to come from the pastor.”

I cried and prayed for 2 days. I begged God to forgive me and to cleanse me of any influence … any contact … any appearance of this horrible creature. I wanted to be free of this … and I was not going to relent until I knew that Jezebel was far removed from me. And I prayed for my church … and my pastor.

A few weeks later, I was given the opportunity to leave … go to college … and I took it.

I left. Has Jezebel?

Another preacher and wise counselor helped me discern even more about this awful spirit. Jezebel cannot flourish without a Spirit of Ahab. Hmmm? Have you read about Ahab? He was a very passive man. Jezebel overwhelmed him, but he was not innocent.

I’m reading a book right now titled, “Chariot of Fire, Elijah of the Last Days,” by Martha Kilpatrick. This book breaks down the spirit of Elijah, Ahab and Jezebel in no “uncertain” terms, and while I find the book interesting, I also find it quite frightening. Allow me to share with you a few insights from this book:

First of all, the name Elijah means, “Yahweh is God.” God is God, and Elijah was sent to prove it. The story of Elijah is one that “holds an eternal secret … that carries to the second chapter of Revelation.” This story holds the defeat of Jezebel and Ahab … and the rapture of Elijah. In the last days, the primary enemy is Jezebel and again, her defeat will be the prelude to the Rapture. (Kilpatrick, Chariot of Fire, 2002)

“Elijah was willing to commit his own existence to suffering in order for the people to repent and turn back to God.” (Kilpatrick) He intended to defeat Satan, who had destroyed the worship of God through Jezebel and Ahab. His prayers were in harmony with God’s will and His Sovereignty.

Kilpatrick states that in the Last Days, “Elijah Prayer” will return. In secret, God will shape the lives of people until they have His Righteousness, and will instill in them a zeal for prayer and the knowledge of His will. They will hate evil without fear! They will attack evil … ON THEIR KNEES!

God, “hating Jezebel,” will send His Spirit of fierceness and war, along with powerful authority to rest on those assigned to defeat the Jezebel –type. Believers must be set free of this demonic spirit … and “Elijah” is sent for that purpose.

Would you know Jezebel?

She is a “principality.” She has higher authority than a mere demon. Jezebel stands for the hidden presence of Satan behind a religious and powerful person. (Kilpatrick) Jezebel seeks a place inside the church. Revelation 2:20 is written to the believer. According to the author, Martha Kilpatrick, the proof of Jezebel’s presence is:

· Religion

· Women ruling and not serving

· Weakness of men

· Rampant sexual immorality

· Homosexuality

· Pornography

· Incest

· Impotence

· And a powerless Church.

Jezebel turns men into Ahabs … weak, submissive men under her control. They lose their fight … their emotional fire and their fierce virility. (The characteristics of God that make men … MEN!) When Jezebel is defeated, the masculinity of men will be restored. (Kilpatrick) Jezebel, who has been deemed the wife of Satan, attacks the Bride of Christ.

She especially hates “maleness,” such as IS expressed in the masculinity of Jesus, His fierceness and zeal in exacting the STANDARD of GOD. Jezebel seeks to neutralize this POWER of MASCULINITY so the VITALITY of GOD in HIS CHURCH is crushed into “insipid weakness” and apathy!

The Spirit of Elijah (fiery presence of God) was exemplified in Jesus when He turned over the tables in the temple. This boldness was in John the Baptist when he confronted the Pharisees. This Spirit shows up in the hatred of evil and the willingness to combat/assault it in the most courageous way. Such a boldness is not always prevalent in leaders today — tolerance, acceptance, political correctness in the name of “Christian” kindness is the standard. Of course, Jezebel wants to destroy the Spirit of Elijah … theboldness, the fierceness, the courageousness to stand up to her.

Her weapon is FEAR … a fear that is debilitating. Fear of not being accepted? Fear of losing man’s approval? Fear of being embarrassed? Fear of rejection? Fear of being seen as “odd” or “emotionally unstable,” or “not faithful” or “ a voice of dissention.” Fear of things changing and normal being compromised? Fear of the future? Fear is a trap that WILL silence and control people … and a tool that Jezebel uses to create Ahabs — men and women (even good men and women) who do nothing.

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  1. margaret boring permalink
    September 29, 2008 7:36 pm

    whoa-this is heavy stuff, something to chew on a while and come back to

  2. Raymund Brown permalink
    September 29, 2008 8:46 pm

    God expects us as men and women to stand up for his word and his alone. If we follow the ideals and teaching of man instead of Him we are missing the mark entirely. My question to people is this: Who do you fear more, God or man. Stand up and be counted as God’s people not followers of men!! God calls us to be set apart from the world not to be in it. If we are changing our values and views of Christianity to suit those that might be offended by a strong stance against society then we have become ineffective and have missed the mark entirely!!

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