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Gettin’ Past The Porch

July 20, 2008

I CAN Imagine Series

(Dedicated to my friend, Jessica Vest)

By: Carole Hicks (July 19, 2008) copyrighted

Jessica was sitting on her front porch absolutely “bored out of her mind.”

“I’m so bored!” she said to her dog, Alice. “There’s absolutely nothing fun to do around here but sit on this porch. Why you’d think this whole porch was built just for sitting. What a waste!”

Alice looked at Jessica as if she had lost her mind. She didn’t know what she was so upset about. After all, porches were made for sitting. (And, lying if you are a dog). In fact, Alice had been listening to Jessica complain for days and days and days about being bored. It was about time that someone (or some Dog) helped her get over her “bored self.”

“You just don’t get it, do you, Jessica?” Alice said bluntly.

Jessica gasped in a big breath as she realized that her dog had just spoken to her. “I must be losing my mind!” Jessica said. “Or my imagination is getting the best of me. I thought I just heard my dog, Alice, say something to me.”

“You’d be lucky if your imagination did get the best of you, Jessie.” Alice replied. “Then you would not sit here day in and day out complaining that you are bored.”

“What are you talking about, Alice?” Jessica exclaimed. “I mean … dogs are not supposed to talk. Dogs are for petting and feeding and walking on a leash. Dogs are NOT for talking. That’s crazy.”

“You’ve got a lot to learn, my friend. “ Alice said. “There are lots of things for you to learn if you will just open your mind … and your eyes and your ears … and a few other senses. Let me show you!”

Alice told Jessica to follow her to discover a whole wide world very near and in plain view from the front porch.

“What you’ve said is true enough, that porches are for sitting.

But beyond the porch is so much more, and soon you’ll be admitting,

That you have not begun to know what Creation has in store.

And soon your mind will fill with things that can never be a bore.

This walk that leads up to your porch, is a path to find your way,

To secrets one can never know … if on the porch you stay.

Like … trees were made for climbing, but Grandpas like their shade.

And beneath the grass that Daddy mows, are more creatures that God made.

Clouds were made for gazing except when they need to carry water.

And creeks were made for lazing, and splashing with sons and daughters.

Rocks were made for skipping and building flower beds for Mother.

Butterflies were made to chase, so you’ll be faster than your brother.

A frog and a lizard may be gross to look upon.

But they’re also fun to study as they frolic in the sun.

The bees that sting, and birds that sing are working very hard.

Did you ever stop to think of all this activity in your yard?

Why every day could be like a safari in the wild.

All it takes is good attitude and the imagination of a child.

So my friend, I hope that I never hear you say,

That there’s absolutely nothing fun to do on such a day!

Alice stood in front of Jessica with her paws upon her hips, waiting for Jessica to say something.

Jessica looked around her yard. Then she looked back at the porch. Then she looked back at her dog.

“You are right, Alice,” she said as she turned and walked back toward the porch.

“Then why are you going back to the porch?” Alice asked.

“I’m not going to the porch. I’m going inside to get my brothers. It would not be fair if I didn’t take them on this safari too!”

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  1. Melissa Ross permalink
    July 20, 2008 4:30 am


    I’m so glad you wrote this story. Kids nowadays have no idea what is beyond their front porch. When we were young, we played outside all the time. We used our imagination. Today, children sit inside and play video games or sit at the computer. They do not have to use their imagination. But oh, what they are missing!!!!

    My sister does not let her boys play video games or watch TV all day. They play outside all the time and have very active imaginations. They know what goes on in the woods, in the grass, in the weeds, in the garden, in the chicken house. And when they are inside, they play games, read books or play with Matchbox cars. I hope you find a publisher and get this out there. I’m going to get my sister to read this. I know she will love it!!

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