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My Daddy Is a Fish

July 18, 2008

This short story is written in honor of my Daddy, James Hicks. His birthday is July 22 and this is based upon one of the pleasant childhood memories I have of spending time with him. It’s a children’s short story which I am entering in a writing contest, and review for publishing. Your comments and review is welcome.

I CAN Imagine Series

By: Carole Hicks (copyrighted, 7/18/08)


My Daddy Is a Fish

Carrie and her sisters, Bonnie and Baby Deana, were so excited. Daddy woke up everyone very early and said, “Get up, Girls! We’re going to the creek.” They squealed and jumped and danced around as they quickly dressed and made their way to the kitchen. Mom was packing a box with chips and cookies and sandwiches that she had made. Daddy was filling the cooler with ice and soft drinks.


“Are we having a picnic too?” Carrie exclaimed.

“Well, we’ll get hungry at the creek. So, yes, we’re having a picnic too.” Daddy said.


The girls became more and more excited. They could not wait until they were finally all packed up and in the car, heading to the creek.


The creek was in the mountains. It was far away from their house in town. It seemed like it took forever to get to the creek. On the way, Daddy told the girls that the creek was where he used to swim when he was a little boy. He told them about finding “crawdads” in the creek, when he would flip over a rock. That sounded like a silly word and they thought that their Daddy was joking around with them. But he promised to show them a crawdad when they got to the creek.


Finally, their van stopped and the girls unbuckled from their car seats. They looked out the windows of the van and all they saw were trees and bushes and a dirt road that led to the where had Daddy parked the car.

“Where’s the creek, Daddy?” Carrie asked.

“Oh, it’s down that trail over there. We have to walk to the creek.” He said as he lifted the cooler. Mom gave Carrie and her younger sister, Bonnie, some small plastic bags to carry and they all followed Daddy down the trail to find the creek.

Along the trail, Carrie saw some beautiful blue flowers, and she wanted to pick them. But Mom said it would be better to pick them on the way back to the car. So she just looked and pointed to them as she walked.

Carrie was very surprised when they got to the end of the trail and Daddy sat down the cooler of drinks and said, “Well, here is the creek, Girls. Jump in.”

Carrie and Bonnie could hardly wait to play in the creek, but they slowly stepped into the water and then squealed with delight at how cold it was. Carrie looked upstream and saw the water flowing swiftly over large rocks and she said, “Mom, look. It’s a waterfall.”

“Do you want to go sit on those rocks?” Daddy asked.

“They might be slippery.” Mom said. “Be careful.”

Daddy picked up Carrie and Bonnie and carried them upstream to where the flowing water looked like foam as it rushed over the rocky formations. He sat down on the rocks, with Carrie and Bonnie beside him. The rocks did feel slippery. Carrie looked down at her feet as she felt green, slimy stuff on her toes.

“Oh, Daddy, what is that stuff?” she asked.

“It’s moss growing on the rocks. It’s okay. It will not hurt you. Go ahead. Sit down.” he said.

“Yucky.” Bonnie said. “I want to go back to Mommy.” So Daddy carried her back to the bank to join Mom. Carrie sat all by herself for just a few moments on the rocks and giggled as the cool water rushed around her back and over the rocks. She noticed a rope hanging from a tree branch, so she asked her Daddy what it was for.

He explained that people used the rope to swing from the bank out over the water, then let go to make a big splash.

“Wow! Can we do that?” she asked.

“NO!” Mom declared from the bank. “You guys had better just stick jumping out of Daddy’s arms.”

Daddy gave Carrie a quick wink and whispered to her, “Maybe when you are a little older.”

Carrie studied the rope for a long time wondering what it would be like to swing on it and then fall into the water. She could see that it would be a little bit scary, but thought it might be fun too.

While Mom was busy spreading out a blanket for the picnic, and Deana was sitting in her baby seat, Bonnie was splashing around in the water near the bank. The creek was mostly shallow, but Daddy still told the girls to stay close to the bank because there were spots in the creek that would be too deep for Carrie and Bonnie.

Soon Mom had all the food ready and called them to come eat.

“My favorite picnic lunch is a bologna sandwich with a big slice of tomato.” Daddy declared. “What about you, Carrie?”

“I like what you like, Daddy,” she said. Mom handed Carrie and Bonnie each a paper plate with a sandwich, chips and a brownie. Then Daddy popped the top on a cold soda and gave it to the girls to share. Everyone sat around, enjoying the fine picnic lunch that Mom had made. It was a good day.

“Oh Dear, we forgot the watermelon in the car,” Mom said as everyone was just about finished with their lunch.

“I’ll go get it,” Daddy said, “And then we’ll put it in the creek to get cold, and eat it later.”

“Won’t it float away?” Bonnie asked.

“We’ll see, I guess!” Daddy said as he jogged up the trail toward the van. He was back in just a minute with a HUGE watermelon and he placed it near the edge of the creek.

“Tell you what I’ll do,” Daddy said, as he lifted a big rock from the bottom of the creek. “I’ll put this rock beside the watermelon, just in case it decides to float away.”

Carrie and Bonnie clapped their hands, and Daddy smiled as he lifted the rock. “OH MY … here it is! A big old crawdad, just like I told you!”

The girls squealed with excitement and ran to the water’s edge. “Show us, Daddy!” they exclaimed in unison.

Daddy picked up the crawly creature, holding it carefully in front of them. The girls faces scrunched up in disgust and Carrie wondered why her Daddy would ever want to play with such a thing.

“Ohhhh, throw it away. It’s ugly!” Bonnie said.

“Ahh, he’s just one of God’s creatures, Bonnie. Just like the rest of us, out here enjoying a day at the creek.” Daddy said as he let it go back into the water. “He’ll dig himself another hole and be glad when we’re gone home so he can relax here in his home.”

Carrie and Bonnie giggled as they watched the crawdad crawl on the bottom of the creek.

After everyone put the food back into the cooler and Mom fed Deana her bottle, it was time to play in the water. Daddy had blown up their swim toys and even Baby Deana was able to float around in the water. Mom would not let her stay in too long though because the water was too cold for babies.

Suddenly, Carrie noticed that Daddy was gone. “Where’s Daddy?” she asked.She and Bonnie looked around in the water but could not find him. Then, all of the sudden they heard a yell from the bank and there was Daddy swinging from that rope out over the creek. He let go and there was a BIG splash. Everyone laughed and clapped their hands as Daddy’s head came out of the water.

He swam underwater to where his little girls were standing about waist-deep in the creek, and then his head bobbed up again.

“What are you doing, Daddy?” Carrie asked.

“Get on my back and I’ll take you for a ride,” he told them. So Carrie and Bonnie got on their Daddy’s back, and he swam underwater through those deeper parts of the creek.

“Look, Mom!” Bonnie called out. “You can see us, but you can’t see Daddy.”

“That’s right.” Mom replied. “Your Daddy is a fish. You are riding on a fish!”








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2 Comments leave one →
  1. Caitlyn - age 10 permalink
    July 20, 2008 1:59 am

    I like the part about Carrie thinking what it will feel like swinging on the rope and making a huge splash in the creek. Because I wonder what it will be like to swing on a rope and make huge splash in a creek too.
    It was a pretty good story.

  2. Kathy W. July 19, 2008 permalink
    July 20, 2008 5:49 am

    I do remember swinging on a rope out over the water and dropping into the cold Citico creek. What fun we had! Those were some very special days playing with my cousins. Your story brought back very good memories.

    Good story Carol!

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