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Tiny Ripples —- Big Waves!

November 18, 2007

It’s often said, “Not until eternity will we know the influence that we’ve had in life.”

It’s a shame that too often we take life randomly … but an even greater shame is when we consciously choose not to get involved or approach opportunities to get involved with great passivity or even fear.

How many times have you driven by the guy standing at the off-ramp asking for help … with judgment in your heart, or fear of being taken advantage of or worse?  Have you ever met a stranger that you felt a tug on your heart to strike up a conversation, but didn’t because you didn’t know what it might lead to.  Have you ever just refused to be available for simple tasks … thinking “someone else can do that.”

Have any of these thoughts ever gone through your head when it comes to “stepping out” and making yourself available:

“I’m not qualified.”

“I’m too tired.”

“I’m too young or too old.”

“My little effort could not make any real difference.”

“I’m limited in what or how much I can do.”

“I need to get myself straightened out before I go trying to help someone else.”

“It’s just too dangerous.”



Consider the following story of how God could use common, (and uncommon); regular (and irregular); stable (and unstable); bonafide (and illegitimate) people to accomplish big things.


A small group of people met regularly for bible study, prayer and fellowship. One day an “outcast” woman joined their group.  She was not received with overwhelming response, but it was enough for her to gain some confidence and move on to start a life in another town.

 There she met a stranger who was just traveling through but secretly running from the law.  She immediately recognized that he was “lost” and needed friends. She pointed him in the direction of the town where she used to live and the church she once attended.  Since he did not have any real direction in life, he took her advice and took the journey to the small town and church that she had told him about.

 Once he got up the nerve to go to church, he accepted Jesus as his Savior and was baptized.  Soon after his conversion, he was arrested and sentenced to prison.

 While in jail, he met up with a fellow prisoner who was also a follower of Jesus Christ. He maintained contact with the man who had led him to the Lord, and introduced that man to his new friend in prison. The two Christian prisoners also introduced the man to another prisoner who was not saved.  The Christian man led that prisoner to the Lord as well.

When the third prisoner was released from prison, he was immediately deported to his home country.  In this country, he started a church and led many other people to the Lord.

 As if this was not enough to substantiate the effectiveness that one person can make … while serving in his home country (never allowed to return to the US again), this man was approached by some characters associated with terrorism or agencies of social unrest. They were trying to enlist him in a scheme of destruction and murder in exchange for political favors.

 He contacted the man who had led him to the Lord and asked him to notify the authorities in the US about the scheme, to which the man agreed and immediately followed up on his promise.

 The authorities interviewed the Christian man in the United States, as well as found and interviewed the man in the foreign country.  All of which led to the discovery and capture of a terrorist cell in the US. 

Who ultimately was responsible for leading these men (and many others) to the Lord, but also stopping this act of terrorism, destruction and death?


Law Enforcement?

The prisoner banished to another country?

The two Christian prisoners?

The man who shared the Gospel?

The outcast woman just talking about where she had been?

The small Bible study group?

The Pastor of that church?

The church members who gave money each week?

No, each of these was only a character in a story.

God was ultimately responsible for it all.

Believe it or not.

 Now are you willing to be a part of something much bigger than you can ever imagine?
Are you willing to be a tiny ripple that contributes to a big wave?
Just share your faith … share what Jesus has done and means to you.  It might just save a life.

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