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Unsettling Dreams

January 8, 2007

I’ve been a “studier” of dreams since I was very young.  One of the first Bible stories that caught my attention was the story of Joseph and how he interpreted those dreams for his fellow-inmates.

Frankly, I’m prone to believe that dreams can be interpreted, but for some deep prophetic meaning, you might be at a loss with most dreams. However, I believe that God has spoken to me through my dreams and quite possibly because it is only when I’m asleep that I let my mind rest and truly “listen” to what He’s wanting me to hear.

Sometimes, I dream and awaken with unsettled feelings about the dream.  It’s like I know there’s something to the dream but I can’t  readily put my finger on it.  Sometimes, I have to mull over a dream for a day or two before I can grasp the meaning.  And then, at other times, I can see it clear as day right off the bat.

Last night, I had an unsettling dream. Honestly, it’s very vague, but it has left me with a bit of heaviness in my heart.   I wish that I could recall all the aspects of the dream … and perhaps I will in time. But right now, it’s like a looming cloud over my mood.

The truth is that for days I have had this feeling.  Maybe the dream was just a by-product of this “looming feeling.”

Something is just not right  —  and I could put my finger on any number of things that are not right in my life. But this … this feels like a warning … a “beware” … something ominous.

A person once told me that its a guilty conscious that provides fodder for unsettling dreams.  That could be.  Guess I ought to check that.

My mom is a constant worrier.  She can make a mountain out of a molehill in a flash. The slightest inclination of an “ill-feeling” and she is calling all of us up and telling us to stay in the house and not talk to strangers.  She says it’s her “inner voice” telling her to “worry.”  I said, He’s telling her to “pray.”

I believe that unsettling dreams are a sign of some inner turmoil and if it be sin in one’s life, then surely dealing with that will make the guilt go away.  Sometimes though, it’s hurt feelings or unresolved issues with people in your life. Sometimes, it could be loneliness or some other aspect of your “awake” life that’s causing grief.  In any event, I’ve never been able to just leave an unsettling dream on the pillow.  It will hang with me until I get to the root of the issue, and then I’ll be able to sleep soundly.

I tell you though … today, it’s a feeling that I really want to shake.  I don’t like “looming” stuff. It creeps me out.

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