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Review: The Nativity Story

December 4, 2006

I liked it! It was a good, good movie.

I’ve often tried to conceive in my mind what conversations and thoughts and reactions to Mary’s situation might have been. I once read the book, “Two From Galilee” which was a great love story. I read it about 25 years ago. (gee I hate to even say “25 years ago”)

Anyway, that book opened up a perspective on Mary and Joseph — as “real” people that the paintings and the figurines just can’t capture.

But this movie offered conversations (and yes, I know that those are not accounted for in the scripture) — but you know as human beings not every one could have possibly accepted Mary’s story. People are people — and if anything at all is true, it’s that times may change — but people are basically the same.

One thing that I really liked about this movie was the portrayal of Joseph. What a guy!!! It was heart-warming to see him taking on this role, caring for Mary, and then, the elation he felt when the baby was born. I’ve never read that he delivered the baby … but I reckon it could be so.

And it was heart-warming to watch this young girl see and appreciate this “good man” that her family had chosen for her. (whom God had chosen for her)

Another entertaining, and enlightening, aspect of the film was the humanity of the wise men. I loved the line that “Balthasar” (I think) kept saying, “If I am right … and I usually am …”

Their interaction was humorous.

From reading this film’s website, I know that they went to extremes to create authenticity in this film. The landscape and scenery lended greatly to the portrayal of this story. Having never seen this part of the world in person, I could not really imagine the trek that Mary and Joseph had to take to Bethlehem. I also think that the producer/director/writer went to great lengths to capture the faces and eyes of the characters. (by the way, who were played by “less than famous” Hollywood actors — the did excellent)

I’m glad that no famous people were in the film. I think it follows par for course that God uses everyday people … like you and me … to carry His message.

Big names might have distracted from the central message of the film — Jesus!

Go see it!!! It’s worth the ticket price. Invite a friend!

If I had anything less than positive to say, it might be a bit over the head of some children … especially rowdy six-year old boys.

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