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O, The Prince

November 23, 2006

You’d think that high upon his throne, he had no time for those alone.
You’d think that he could ne’er look down, to those who knelt beneath his crown.

And yet they come from far and near to gather strength from his good cheer.
He reaches out and they take hold. His smile to them is more than gold.

O, the Prince has all he needs. Yet he is still sowing seeds.
He glories in the fruits they bear … patiently tending them with care.

And every tear he sheds in pain is like sweet waters from the rain,
That feed the seeds to make them grow. And through his garden, joys flow.

The subjects from throughout the land gather near the Prince, so grand.
They relish his every word or deed. But his spirit is all they seem to need.

They say, “O Prince, to be like you, is all we ever care to do.”
Then in his wisdom he replies, “Tis no need to be as I.”

“For I’m no greater soul than thee … just a man who has learned to be,
Satisfied with friends and love, and tghe gifts from God above.”

O, the Prince has all he needs. Yet he is still sowing seeds.
Why does he tend this furrow so, but to see his flowers grow.

In all his riches, he’s yet to find the gold that’s worth all humankind.
He finds true wealth in all his friends. The Flowers to which he daily tends.

written by: Carole Hicks (1990)
(dedicated to JT Qualls)

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