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Young Lover, Come

November 21, 2006

See the waves, they sweep the shore —

She beckons him to come once more —

The moon, it shines on every break —

Young Lover, come … before she wakes.

Feel the breeze. The fire will warm —

The night is cold without his charms —

The sparks, they dance amidst the night —

Young Lover, come, to end her fight.

Hear the ocean billows roar —

She sleeps and dreams of him once more —

She longs for him to touch her heart —

Young Lover, come, and ne’er depart.

Young Lover, come! She waits for you —

For only you is this love so true —

You gave her dreams to pass her time —

And now this time is all she finds.

Young Lover, come, before she stirs —

This night of dreams was only hers —

Make her morning much more fair —

Young Lover, come to show you care.

written by: Carole Hicks (1996)

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  1. Vernita Daye permalink
    October 5, 2008 8:22 pm

    That was woderful keep it up!!!

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