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November 18, 2006

This word, “redemption” has been weighing heavily on my mind for weeks.

I wrote a little something…then with the help of friends…turned it into a great video illustration clearly stating that it is “redemption” that the world is longing for.

I have a friend — a very good and dearly loved friend — who has suffered consequences in his life of late that will tarnish his reputation and character forever…or so it seems.

His heart is breaking because all that he has known to this point in his life…that defines who he is and how his life is to be lived…is lost. He’s hurting and though he “knows who he is and what is in his heart,” it seems virtually hopeless to think that he will ever get any redemption from this situation.

I’ve been there! I have been faced with life circumstances in which I could either dig myself in deeper to the pit, or just throw up my hands and quit…thinking that “the burden of this is just too much to bear.”

My friend has done neither of those things. Instead, he’s maintained his contrition over this situation, and continued to give back to others in the way that he always has. But alas, the enemy of this world is NOT going to lie down and just let him bring glory to God. He is not going down without a fight.

So today, another blow to his character and his spirit. And I have not words or actions for recourse. I hurt for him…and his family.

I so wish that I could help him…but just as I wrote in my little illustration…redemption, the kind that lasts…the kind that counts…comes from God.

I can’t redeem myself. You can’t redeem yourself. All personal efforts at self-redemption are in vain…filthy rags…waste. The best thing to do is to lay it all at Jesus’ feet…but you don’t because in your own understanding…REDEMPTION seems a HOPELESS ENDEAVOR!

Please help me pray for my friend…who desperately needs to feel the love and comfort of Jesus Christ. He desperately needs the Body of Christ to come alongside, walk with him and love him through this nasty, distasteful and bitter circumstance in his life.

Though I give him anonymity in this blog…will you please pray for my friend that we’ll just refer to as “Old #12.”

Lord God…You above all else understand how it feels to be tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. I pray that for “Old #12” and his family, You will give them a special blessing this day and tomorrow. I pray for a peaceful night’s sleep and comforting peace that surpasses all understanding.

Lord, innocent or guilty, I know that Your Love and Grace are sufficient to see him through this. I know that you love him with all your heart…and you are not going to let him go. Remind him of this Lord.

But God specifically, I pray that you’d surround him with your loving arms. I pray for a hedge of protection from further defamation of character, destruction of his reputation and verbal attacks. I pray God that you would lead him in the straight and narrow path…directly in your will for his life.

Lord help him to know that you love him and nothing has come to him that you have not allowed. Give him strength and understanding. Lord, we know the battle is fought and won by your son, Jesus. We thank you for Jesus.

Please send your Holy Spirit to help “Old #12” through this and show him clearly steps he should take and words that he should say…that will bring glory and honor to your name alone.

I love you…and I know you are about big business here. Help me to minister and love my friend with an AGAPE…love…Help me to be your hands and feet as I minister to him and his family.

In Jesus name…Amen.

Friends…would you by faith pray also for Old #12?

Thank you,


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